Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kamias (Cucumber Tree), what you need to know

This is what we call as kamias in Filipino (cucumber tree in English). My most favorite "pang-asim" in fish stews and soups. Well, this is available in our house all year round because this tree is standing firmly in our backyard.  If you live in a coastal area where fish is abundant, you should have this tree beside or at the back of your house. My dad would even use it in place of tomatoes. It can be easily digested than tomatoes. There are times when this tree bears fruit abundantly, so better pick them all and slice into quarters to dry them in the sun. A day of full sun is enough. Keep in tight lid containers and use them just the same. Or you can toss them in sugar and corn syrup to make candied kamias.  I will share the procedure in a separate blog. So, see you there!  
Well, the reason I write about Kamias is because of the health benefits it has. Our kamias tree has been a great contribution to my family's and our neighbor's health.
Here is a list of the health benefits of kamias:

1. Beneficial to skin diseases. Cut the kamias in half and rub on the affected area. May also process the leaves in a food processor or blender until it turns into paste then apply on the skin. This is mostly effective on pruritus, prickly heat, acne, skin diseases caused by fungi and even mumps.

2. Infuse kamias leaves in water and drink the water to help post-partum and rectal inflammation problems. It can be taken as tonic drink by mothers right after delivering a baby. Infused leaves can also help ease problems on rheumatism.

3. Kamias fruits can be run in a blender with water to make juice to help cure beri-beri, cough and scurvy. May add honey to taste.

4.  For fever, kamias shake or juice can be taken as cooling drink.

 In our household, over-ripe kamias is used as bleach to remove stains from sink and other stainless products. It is also used to whiten clothes. Just mash the over-ripe kamias with the powder detergent and water. Soak the clothes, brush then rinse.  See the difference!

Disclaimer: Facts on kamias in this article are based on the experiences of the author. 


  1. how to make dried kamyas? kasi pag gumagwa kmi laging nabubulok :(

  2. is it true that kamias can help to lower down your blood sugar?

  3. Hi, mam dumai i need your help po sana.